Bible Kids are represented at MEHR 2024

This weekend, the MEHR conference brings together over 10,000 Christian attendees, and Bible Kids is there to promote our feature films and interactive concepts.

January 05, 2024
Text: Tove R. Nilsen / Photo: BCC Media

The MEHR conference is a Christian conference that has been held in Augsburg, Southern Germany, since 2008. The conference is an initiative of “Gebetshaus Augsburg” and aims to inspire people to live a life of faith. In connection with the conference, a trade fair, MEHRforum, is also being organized, with around 170 exhibitors expected. Bible Kids is represented here for the first time, along with Gate Zero from Bible X.

“It’s very exciting and inspiring to be here with so many people who are also passionate about communicating the Bible’s message to children,” says Annette Tobler. She is working at the stand for Bible Kids together with several members of the production team.


At the Bible Kids stand, there is a separate cinema where you can watch the entire film about King Josiah. It is also possible to try the “Bible Kids Explorers” interactive concept. The stand is buzzing with activity, with people of all ages interested, and many are keen to try out the interactive program in their own children’s groups. One of them is Dagmar Knittelfelder, who leads the children’s service at Home Church in Salzburg, Austria.

“You are heaven-sent,” ‘ says Dagmar. She is very excited about what Bible Kids represents and is looking forward to testing it out in her own church at home.

Plenty of inspiration to draw on

Annette is taking a lot of inspiration from the fair into her future work for Bible Kids.

“It’s so much fun to talk to other people who work with bringing the message to children, to see what’s available, share experiences and learn from each other,” she says.

Annette says that many people she talks to at the fair find it difficult to find good material, and they find it very demanding to engage the children and young people in Christian education. Some of them find that the children lose interest and stop coming. This is a familiar issue for many faith educators.

“Then it’s even more fun to be able to present a possible solution,” smiles Annette.

She finds that many people are pleasantly surprised that the Bible Kids interactive concept is now offered completely free and openly available to anyone who wants to use it.


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