Everything is possible for those who believe

In this episode about faith, the children get get to hear that everything is possible for God, and if I believe in Him, everything is also possible for me. Faith means obedience, and when we choose to believe, we experience that what Jesus has said is true.


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Moses, Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego: Heroes because they believed

What does it mean? - Faith

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Heroes of faith

In this episode we meet the bible detectives when they are getting to know more about the hero of faith – Moses. Moses got given a great task from God, and at first he was scared to take that task on, because he didn’t think he was clever enough or brave enough to do it. But God said He would be with him, so then Moses chose to believe. In this episode we see what happened when his faith was put to the test at the Red Sea. Later in the programme we also meet Shadrak, Meshak and Abednego when they are put to the test in the fiery furnace.

In the programme we also get the answer to an important question one of the children has asked: « Do miracles like this still happen today, or was it just in those days?»

To understand the theme «faith» it’s a good idea to show the animation film «What does it actually mean?» to the children which explains the concept of faith. How about showing this to the children while they are waiting for Sunday School to begin?

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