God gives grace to the humble

In this week’s episode the Bible Detectives discover that there are things called the laws of life, and Grandpa tells them that one of these is: “God gives grace to the humble.” But what exactly does that mean? Grandpa tells the story of Noah, which can teach us something about this.


Noah - God gives grace to the humble

Coloring pages

Noah was humble

At the time Noah lived in, people did all kinds of evil. It was so bad that God was sorry that He Had created mankind. To put a end to all this violence and sin, God decided that He would send a huge flood of water. But God had not forgotten Noah. He did not want to let him die, because Noah was a righteous man. He believed in God and did God’s will. God asked Noah to build a gigantic boat – an ark. God told him he should take his family with him on to the boat when God told him to. And Noah did exactly what God had told him to do.

Questions for conversation

  1. Why did God want to send a flood of water over the earth?
Because people would not keep God’s laws and commandments, but they did what was evil in God’s eyes.
2. Why did God want to save Noah and his family from the flood?

Because he believed in God, and he did the will of God. It is written that he was righteous.

3. What do you think Noah was thinking when God asked him to build a gigantic boat?
He may have thought it was a little strange or that it would be a lot of work. But Noah, Shem, Ham, and Japheth did not care what people thought or how much work there was. They did exactly what God had said in every detail.
4. How many days did it rain?
40 days

5. What did Noah do to find out if it was safe to leave the ark?
He sent out a raven first and then a dove.
6. What sign did God make in heaven as a promise that he would never flood the earth again?
The rainbow


This week, the children can colour animals that can go into the ark.

You will need:

  • Print out of the colouring pages

  • Colouring pens

  • Scissor

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