Jesus is coming back

When Jesus said goodbye to His disciples and went up to heaven, He comforted them that He would come back one day. Then no one would be bad anymore, no one would be sad, and no one would be unhappy. Jesus is going to rule over the whole earth and make sure that everything is just amazing! He can hardly wait for that day to come because He longs to be with us forever, in all eternity. And He longs to be able to create peace and righteousness everywhere.


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The kingdom of God belongs to the children

Jesus, the Savior - Episode 5

Jesus is coming back

This is a day that we can also really look forward to. At last we will see Jesus, and we will always be together with Him. The children should be extra happy about this, because Jesus has said that the kingdom of God belongs to the children. And it is the kingdom of God that is coming. None of us can imagine how amazing it will be, but it’s going to be a whole lot better than anything we’ve seen before.

And while we wait for Jesus to come back, we can use the time we have to do good. Then we will get something of God’s kingdom – of heaven – inside us already now. It means that we can begin to experience some of the joy and peace that will come everywhere when Jesus returns.

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