The film about Esther: Join us behind the scenes

The next feature film from Bible Kids is currently being produced. During an intensive time of filmng in the studio, the story of Queen Esther in the Bible is brought to life. Watch a behind-the-scenes video and get a glimpse of the ambitious production here.

21 November 2023
Text: Tove R. Nilsen / Photos: BCC Media

– Filming is underway! And … action!

The voice of production supervisor Annette Tobler echoes throughout the studio, getting everyone ready for the next scene.

As the recording starts, the studio is quiet and everyone is focused on their dedicated tasks. The sound, lighting and picture crew must work well together to achieve the desired result. The ambitions are high, giving great results. The production team utilizes the latest in technology and filmmaking. The film is shot using a green screen and Unreal engine and miniature villages to create beautiful and contemporary environments for the characters in the film.

The story of Queen Esther becomes new

Shortly after the release of the film about Josiah , the production team is working on the next production. This time it’s all about Queen Esther.  Hundreds of volunteer hours are spent in the studio by crew, volunteers, actors, prop builders, and costume makers.

”      There’s a great atmosphere in the studio; everyone works so well together,” says Elaine Friberg, who plays the role of Queen Esther.

She has had a steep learning curve as an actress, but has no regrets about accepting the role.

”      I know how much these films mean to the children,” she says.

In preparation for the role, she read the entire book of Esther, and the traditional Bible story has now become completely new to her:

”  This story actually happened, and it’s very inspiring!”

Elaine believes that children can learn a lot from Queen Esther:

“Like Esther, you have to have faith in God, believe that He is there and that He is watching. I’ve experienced this personally in my life.”

Launching in 2024

Producer Elise Schøll is very pleased with the cast of this film, especially lead actress Elaine.

–   “It’s clear that Elaine is a disciple of Jesus, and this message is something she lives in her own life. Her lines are spoken in the strength that God has given her, and I think that has a big impact on the final product as well,” says Elise.

The shooting of the film will be completed within a few weeks and post-production is already underway. The film will be launched in two parts, as part of the Bible Kids Explorers concept. When part two is released in the fall of 2024, the feature film will also premiere in its entirety.

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