The kingdom of God belongs to the children

Jesus is especially fond of children and He has said that the kingdom of heaven belongs to them!


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The kingdom of God belongs to the children


More about the theme

God’s kingdom is in heaven, where God and Jesus live. There are no wars there, no one is mean to each other, no one is sad or unhappy, everyone is happy! This is absolutely amazing, and when you have Jesus as a friend and make sure that you keep your heart pure and good, then you can have some of this kingdom inside you all your life.

Jesus preached about the kingdom of heaven when He was here on earth. Many people came to listen to Him, even a mother with two young children came to hear Jesus. But the disciples turned them away, because they believed that Jesus had more important things to do. But when Jesus learned of this, he said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not forbid them; for of such is the kingdom of God.”

Tips for Sunday School

Start the gathering by sitting in a circle and greeting one another. A good tip is to greet all the children by name, either as they walk through the door or when you start the gathering. This makes them feel recognized and included, and then they will be more receptive.

We also recommend that for this group of the youngest children, it´s a good idea to plan a regular program setup for the gathering. Something you always start with, then some regular sequences and finally a way of finishing up together. The content and specific activities can vary, but the fact that the children know the program and what to expect in the next few minutes often creates more rest and a good atmosphere.

Suggestion for a program:

1. Welcome

2 minutes

2. Short song – one that they know

1 minute

3. Film

About 5 minutes

4. Conversation, in which the children also get to think, ask and participate.

Max 5 minutes

5. Singing with actions, learn some fun moves

2-3 minutes

6. An activity

Length depends on the type of activity, but this shouldn´t take too long either.

7. Thanks for today

1 minute

Total length excluding the activity

Max 15 minutes

Coloring sheet

Feel free to use the coloring sheets and let the children draw during the activity. For those children who do not like to color, it is nice to find an alternative. This could also be a game or a physical activity.


  1. Why do you think Jesus is especially fond of children?

  2. Why is it that the kingdom of God belongs to the children?

  3. God`s kingdom is paradise—what do you think it’s like?

Mark. 10: 14: Let the little children come to Me, and do not forbid them; for of such is the kingdom of God.

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