The story of King Josiah makes an impression

During a recent Sunday School, Bible Kids children all around the world were taken on a journey back in time to learn about the fascinating story of the boy king, Josiah. The mentors went to great lengths to create the best possible experience for the children.

October 30, 2023

Text: Tove R. Nilsen / Photo: Karen and Jakob Leth

– It is so incredibly fun to follow along, see how things have gone, and what the individual local churches have done, says Annette Tobler.

As head of the children’s committee in BCC, Annette has mobilized Sunday School mentors into making Explorers Day one of the highlights of the year for the children, and the results are beyond all expectations.

-The local churches constantly have new ideas and inspire each other to make the day extra special for the children. They really put everything into these days, it’s really nice to see!

Faith education in a good setting

Explorers’ time travel is an interactive concept that is carried out in groups, and emphasizes the interaction between children and mentors. The Bible stories are conveyed through films, games, activities and quizzes. Annette is very thankful for the mentors who invest time and effort in this work for the children.

– The fact that so many people have a “mentor heart” and use Sunday school to make heart-to-heart contact, bond and put God’s word into the hearts of the children, I believe that has eternal value. We are happy that we can help create a framework for that, says Annette.

Do you want to use the time travel concept for your Sunday school? Read more about the concept here.


The children have the heroes of faith as role models

The story of the truth-loving and righteous young King Josiah made a strong impression on the children. When Josiah was crowned king at only 8 years old, he chose a completely different direction from his father. God’s laws had long been absent from the land, but when the law book was found again, Josiah was able to re-introduce God’s laws. Annette believes it is very important that the children at Sunday schools get to know such heroes of faith better.

– This means that we both get examples that we can follow, but not least we learn to know God and his ways through these Bible stories, she says.

Production of the next Bible Explorers chapter continues at full speed, and filming of the story of Queen Esther is already underway at BCC Media’s production premises.

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