On this page, mentors will find an overview of tasks, games and activities to be prepared and implemented for Explorers Chapter 4. The activities work best when they are well prepared, so read carefully and familiarize yourself with how the activity is supposed to work. Good luck!

Before you begin

When the children are ready, it is important to give them a warm welcome and make sure they are made to feel at home. Greet them by name and say a few words before you start on the website: “Hello everyone, and welcome to the next Explorers chapter. Today we will travel back to the time when Josiah was alive. He became king when he was just 8 years old and learned to live an honest and righteous life. It is agood idea to pay close attention.” 

Task 1 – Find Tommy’s Bible box


This is a mini-game that must be completed on the website. The children have to lead Glitch through the maze to Tommy’s Bible box.


  1. Using the arrow keys, one of the children must guide Glitch through the maze.
  2. There are 5 rounds to get through, so 5 children can play a round each.
  3. If there are more than 5 children in a group, you can choose to play several rounds so that everyone can have a go.

Task 2 – Good advice for a king


Josiah is 8 years old and has just become king. In this task, the children become advisors to help the young king make righteous decisions.

  1. Josiah appears on the website and tells us about a situation he is dealing with. The situation brings up the theme of “Truth.”
  2. When the story is finished, the children must write some good advice for Josiah on the website. Let the children discuss this a bit before you write an answer.
  3. The same is repeated with a situation dealing with the theme “Righteousness.”
  4. At the end of the task, Iris asks a question for the children to answer in order to move on.

Task 3 –The Book of the Law


Shaphan and Josiah know about the long-lost Book of the Law. In this task, the children must find and sort the 10 commandments that are part of the Book of the Law and then use these to solve a task on the website. Important: Let the children explore for themselves. Don’t tell them what to do straight away, but let them try first.

  • A scroll
  • 10 notes with commandments on them (difference between age groups)
  • Printed pictures
  • Acrylic paint, preferably silver/grey
  • Laminating film or wide tape
  • Something to attach the commandments to the Book of the Law (e.g. double-sided adhesive tape)
  • One coin per child
  • (9-11 years) approx. 1 Bible for every 2 children
  1. Print the pictures, laminate them and cut them into the marked pieces. You can also use tape instead of laminating.
  2. Cover the pictures with acrylic paint and let them dry so that they become scratch cards. Test this well in advance and preferably with different materials to find a solution that works well.
  3. Print out the scroll and notes and laminate them if you like.
  4. Hang up the Book of the Law in a prominent place in the room and hide the notes.
  5. Have the coins ready on the table or by the screen.
    Keep the scratch cards hidden until you are ready to give them to the children.
  1. The children must first find all the 10 commandments in the room.
  2. (6-8 years) Now the children have to sort and attach the commandments to the scroll.

     (9-11 years) Using the Bible, the children must sort and attach the commandments to the correct   verse number in the Book of the Law. The 10 commandments are in Exodus 20. Check that all commandments are placed correctly, as this will be crucial for the next part of the task.

  1. Once all the commandments are sorted correctly, the children are given the scratch cards. Don’t tell the children what to do; they can try to figure it out by using the coins. Help them along if they can’t figure it out on their own.
  2. The children have to reveal the pictures by scratching the cards, and then put them together correctly. Each picture shows a situation where one of the commandments is not being kept.
  3. For each of the pictures, the children will find a corresponding cutout on the website. Under each cutout, they should now enter the number that belongs to the commandment that is not being kept in this picture.
  4. If the right number is entered, the picture turns around and becomes something positive. The correct codes for 6-8 years are 1-8-7-4 and for 9-11 years are 3-16-15-12.



Task 4 – Quiz



Now the children can test themselves to see if they remember everything they have learned in the chapter about Josiah.

  1. On the website, Iris tells the children that there is a quiz.
  2. The children answer the questions together. They can take turns with who gets to click on the correct answer
  3. After the quiz, the chapter is completed.

Bible cards



Here are the Bible cards for this chapter. You can order prints of these and hand them out after the quiz has been completed. The aim of the Bible cards is for the children to take home a memory from the chapter to help them remember the message. The card can be placed in the Bible box that the child has made.





Here is the program plan for chapter 4 – Josiah. It can be used to get an overview of the content and order of the chapter. It also gives an idea of how long it takes to complete the chapter, but there will of course also be individual variations.