Journey to the beginning – part 3

Here we hear about what happened next with the evil Herod, the three wise men, Mary, Joseph, and the little baby Jesus. We also meet the shepherds from the pasture, who were visited by angels who told them about a great joy, that now a saviour had been born to them. They immediately went to Bethlehem to see the little baby.


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She gave what she had

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Today a savior is born unto you

Herod realizes something is going on in Bethlehem. The wise men never came back to his castle, for they understood that the king was evil. The king decides to send his soldiers to Bethlehem. But at night an angel comes and warns Joseph, telling them to flee to Egypt. He, Mary and the newborn baby do what the angel told them to do and fled. This is how they arrived in Egypt, where Jesus spent the first years of his childhood. He shall become our savior, and the redeemer of the world. A new hope has come to Earth.

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Jostein is visited by a family from Sandefjord. They talk about what can we give back to Jesus, since He has given us so much. We get a greeting from Kåre Smith, and there will be Christmas song and an exciting guessing competition about how long it really takes to lay a nice Christmas table.

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What happened in the little town of Bethlehem more than 2,000 years ago has brought hope, joy, and gratitude around the world for generations. The Christmas story is exciting and engaging for both children and adults.

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