Keep your heart pure

What’s the right thing to do to keep your heart pure? In this episode of My Book About Jesus, we meet a boy who has to make a decision. He looks for help in his father’s Bible.


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Keep your heart pure

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In the epsiode we are brought ack in time to when Jesus lived and where he spoke these words to the disciples: «No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other…» (Matthew 6:24). Jesus taught both the disciples and the others who listened that we cannot divide the heart between God and the world. Later in the episode we get to see how zealous Jesus became when he discovered that the people used the temple to trade goods instead of praying and seeking God.

We wil see more of this in the studio where the presenters explain very clear how to keep one´ s heart pure. They answer an important question too from some children from New Zealand; “In the episode Jesus said that no one can serve two masters. What did he mean about that?” See how they answered visually in the studio.


Have the children make a heart using scissors, paper and colored pencils on which they can write in their own language “Keep your heart pure”.

You will need:

  • Sheets of paper (preferably colored if possible)

  • Printing template for the heart

  • Scissors

  • Colored pencils / markers


Cut out a heart, fold on the dotted line so that it becomes like two doors that can be opened.

Have the child write inside the heart in their own language: “Keep your heart pure “

Good luck!