Positive feedback on the time travel concept

For the first time, Bible Kids had their own booth at this year’s faith education conference, a significant gathering for all those passionate about conveying the message of the Bible to children and youth.

October 20, 2023
Text: Tove R. Nilsen / Photo: BCC Media

The faith education conference is organized annually by IKO – the Church Educational Center. It’s an important platform for sharing experiences and inspiring everyone working with children and youth in the church and Christian organizations.  

Bible Kids made their debut with a booth showcasing their latest concept for faith education, namely Bible Kids Explorers. The team had been working on the project’s pilot for a few years and was proud to present a finished product.  

We would like to share the concept with more people and receive input on how we can further develop it”, said producer Elise Schøll at the Bible Kids booth. 

She emphasized that this is something Sunday school groups can test for free and hopes it brings joy to both children and adults.

Many visitors stopped by the booth, leading to numerous productive conversations with enthusiastic faith educators. Comments such as “This looks exciting” and “We want to try this” were common among those who visited. Many were surprised that it is free to use. Some wondered if the time travel concept is suitable for both large and small groups and how much time should be allocated to it.

Learn more about how to get started with the concept here. 

The Bible Kids app also garnered attention, and several recognized our animation content from YouTube.  

Learn more about our app here. 

We thank all those who visited our booth this time and look forward to further developing these concepts.