The story of Esther: A highlight for the children

At the beginning of May, the latest production from Bible Kids Explorers was released, and children’s groups all over the world have become acquainted with Esther, who drew her help from the Lord. Read more about their experience and see nice pictures of the children’s journey in time here.

27 May 2024
Text: Tove R. Nilsen / Photos: BCC Vancouver

The story of Esther is told in the framework of the “Bible Kids Explorers” interactive concept. In order to tell the whole story properly, it has been divided into two chapters. The first chapter has now been released. The rest of the story will come in the autumn.

In the Bible Kids Explorers universe, the children meet their virtual guide Iris, and her good helper, Glitch the robot. Children who need answers to their questions are invited over, and Iris lets them get to know the Bible—the book that can answer all the world’s questions.

“It is definitely a highlight and something the children look forward to every time! It’s a lot of fun; creative and informative,” says Laura Petkau, who was involved in implementing the production locally together with children from Vancouver, British Columbia.

The mentors in Vancouver created the best setting for the children on this day, with costumes, crowns for the children, good food, décor, and fun activities outside.

Bible Kids Explorers is an interactive media experience tailored for groups of children. The children get to know the Bible stories in an exciting way through films, games, tasks, and quizzes.

During the Esther story production, the children have to solve four tasks. The tasks have different functions, allowing the children to engage, reflect, have fun, and explore with their friends. The film is undoubtedly captivating, but in combination with the tasks, it becomes a very special experience for the children. In Vancouver, they have also experienced that Bible Kids Explorers helps to increase the children’s involvement.

“We did the activities, and the children’s hearts were so open that one of them asked if we could pray. So we did. And it was clear that it meant something to the children,”says Laura.

An interactive story

In the interactive section we get to know Ella and Nora, who will soon have to move away from their very best friends, to a place far away. Iris picks up on the message from the two distraught girls, and she immediately brings them to her control room. To the girls’ surprise, Iris takes them on a journey back in time, providing hope and comfort in the midst of the difficult situation they are in. The journey goes to the Persian city of Susa, where a young Jewish girl is now about to have her life turned upside down.

Esther trusted in God

The story of Esther is a very special story of God’s guidance in a person’s life. God had plans for the people of Israel, and Esther was part of the plan. Because she was faithful and courageous, God could use her.

“Esther trusted God whether she was with her people or alone as a Jew in the palace. The children may feel alone as Christians, but they never have to be ashamed of their faith, and they can know that God is with them no matter where they are or what situation they are in. The children really understood that it pays to trust God, both from this story and all the other stories from Bible Kids,” says Laura.

Laura says that the film about Ester made an impression on the children and that there are several things they could learn from the story:

“It was good to see Esther’s interest in the truth and in doing what is right for the people. When she was at the market and also when she was at the palace, you could see her love for God and people—which made her want to do what is right. The children can also do that in their daily situations, just like Esther.”

Seen by thousands of children around the world

Children’s groups around the world were looking forward to the release of the story of Esther, and many mentors had been preparing for the day for a long time. Lots of good feedback has been pouring in:

The children’s groups are now looking forward to part two of the story of Esther, which will be released in October 2024.