This is what the children think: “It’s not just a story”

After the launch of the time travel about the boy king Josiah, a survey was conducted in which the children were given the opportunity to win prizes. See photos of the winners and read what they think of the films and activities here.

November 7th, 2023

Three lucky children were selected as winners and each received a Bible Kids hoodie. Congratulations! The production team has worked hard to create a concept that appeals to children, so it’s extra exciting to hear what the children themselves have to say about it. We asked the children directly and this is what they said:

Leonard, 10 år
Exter in Germany

“I think Explorers is really cool. And it’s really fun.”

David, 11 år
Vanderbijlpark in South Africa

“Bible Kids is fantastic! I really enjoy watching the programs and then doing the different activities with my group. It’s great fun! I also think being together is really good; I learn more about the gospel when we sit and talk together. It becomes easier to understand.”

David, 6 år
Twente in the Netherlands

“It’s fun, really fun. Because it’s true: that film, that happened; it’s not just a story. Not everyone knows that, because not all children have the Bible. They think it’s just a film like any other film. But we know it.”