Sunday school that is engaging!

Bible Explorers explores bible stories in an innovative way through the use of films, and both virtual and physical tasks.

Bible Explorers engaged kids around PC

Now children aged 6-12 can join fantastic journeys in time and experience the Bible in a whole new way.

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Virtual time travel

In each chapter, we travel back in time with Jack and Gina who explore known bible stories and get to experience how God’s Word can help us in various situations.

How does it work?

Explorers is created for children between 9-11 years old.

And an adjusted version for 6-8 year olds.

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  • Recommended to be carried out in groups of 5-10 children, ideally on a TV or a larger screen
  • 2 mentors per group

Good audio quality     Windows/Mac     Approximately 1 hour per theme

Watch films and complete exciting tasks

The children will meet Iris in the secret control room and join an interactive journey about the theme.

Bible Explorers Puzzle Game

Solve physical tasks

Throughout the lesson, there will also be physical tasks which must be completed. The description for how to complete these tasks and the download files can be found on the Chapter web page.

Requires preparation

Complete the experience!

Below is a graphics file which can be used to create branded t-shirts, stickers and other products.


Downloadable version

For registered users, we offer a downloadable version. As a mentor, you can access the chapter without internet.

De grafiske elementene skal ikke endres (farge, form, ikoner, tekst osv). Produksjon for salg er ulovlig, og alle rettigheter tilhører © foundation. Kun til bruk i egen søndagsskolegruppe.

I am a Sunday School mentor and want to be prepared

Where do I start?


We recommend using Google Chrome as your web browser. Choose the video quality under settings.

Choose age group

Choose the age group you are a mentor for

Do you have poor internet connection where you hold your Sunday School lesson? On the chapter web page, you can download the chapter in order to make it accessible without internet.

Familiarize yourself with the topic and videos.

Choose “Quick look” to look through the tasks and videos without having to read through everything.

Download the material

Download the task description, program and the bible cards for the theme.

If you experience any glitches, contact support