Explorers – An interactive concept for Christian education

In this concept, the children meet the two Bible explorers Jack and Gina, who take us in their spectacular time machine, back to the time of the heroes of faith in the Bible. With Explorers, mentors and the children can become part of the story themselves and get involved in tasks and challenges. The first chapter will be opening on this website on June 12, 2022.

Now children aged 6-12 can join fantastic journeys in time and experience the Bible in a whole new way.

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Pilot in June

With Explorers, Sunday school teachers and mentors will have a whole new tool that can captivate and involve children, bringing the Bible to life for them in a completely new way. Being able to explore God’s word and relevant topics together creates memories and experiences that will remain with them their whole life. It strengthens the relationship between the children themselves, between the children and their mentors, and especially the children’s faith and their relationship with Jesus.

Explorers’ main target group is children aged 9-11, but there will be a customized version for children aged 6-8.

Bible Kids wants to develop the concept in collaboration with the users, so we are launching two chapters in 2022, as a pilot for the concept. We plan to launch another four chapters in 2023. We therefore want your input and feedback about your experiences on hello@biblekids.io after you have completed the chapters.

Bible Explorers engaged kids around PC

How does it work?

Each chapter is based on one theme. You choose the age group for the program you are preparing. The children use the website when completing the program, so a PC/Mac is required. It is also possible to complete the package offline by downloading the chapter in advance. We also recommend good sound, and preferably a large screen. It is recommended to complete the chapter in an area without many disturbances.

Bible Explorers Puzzle Game

The first thing the children meet in each chapter is a film with Jack and Gina. They are children themselves, and face dilemmas most children will be able to relate to. To find answers, they go to their secret control room. Here – inside a kind of time machine – we find Iris, the narrator. She selects Bible stories and takes the children on exciting journeys back in time, where the children get answers to their questions, and experience how God’s word can help us.

The journey in time stops occasionally, and then the children must solve tasks related to the topic before the journey can continue. In this way, the children are part of managing the trip, and get involved in conversations and problem solving.

Bible Explorers Code

What must the mentors do?

The children are divided into groups of 5-10 children. We recommend one mentor for every five children. The mentors’ task is to guide the children through the journey in time, especially when it comes to the tasks. A description of the assignments and relevant material can be found on the chapter page. The chapter page will be opened one week before launch, so the mentors have time to prepare.

Sometimes physical aids prepared by the mentors are used. This can include drawings, maps, or the like, and sometimes the mentors have to give the children codes to move on in the journey when they have solved a task correctly. It is therefore crucial that the mentors prepare well with the material made available on the website.

Perhaps the children also want to talk together when the journey is over, and perhaps this can be a golden opportunity for the mentors to get to know the children better and hear their thoughts. But the chapters are so full of content, that we recommend not to continue with a traditional Sunday school session straight after completing a chapter, but rather save that until the next time you come together.


To strengthen the experience and team spirit, we can recommend some accessories. Below is a logo package, which can be used to make T-shirts or other products.

We will design small cards with Bible verses from each chapter, and you can print and laminate these and give them to the children. If they are also given a small box to store the cards in, this can be a valuable memory for them later in life. You will find the relevant cards on the chapter page.

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