Productions you can look forward to in 2024

We have an exciting new year ahead of us, and Bible Kids has its plans ready: In 2024, the film about Esther will be released along with several new animated films from the Bible.

3 January 2024
Text: Tove R. Nilsen / Photos: BCC Media

“2024 is here, and we can’t wait to take the children on amazing journeys through even more exciting Bible stories!”

So says Annette Tobler, head of the Bible Kids team, a relatively small but skilled production department that will complete the film about Esther and deliver several new animated films in 2024.

Film Poster of EstherEsther: The visuals take shape

The film about Esther was shot in the fall of 2023. The project is now in the post-production phase and is progressing at a steady pace. The first part of the film has been edited and the visuals are starting to take shape. The story takes place in the Persian Empire, which creates a beautiful setting for the Bible story.

“The costumes and backgrounds are beautifulul,” says Annette, praising the team working on the visual expression of the film. She says that some of the post-production work is done in-house, and some is outsourced to skilled partners.

There are many important production milestones during the winter and spring. The visuals are well underway, music production will start soon and work is underway on languages. Footage from a miniature city is also used. This will be integrated with 3D backgrounds and studio footage. We can’t wait for the first trailer for the film to arrive this spring, not to mention the release of the full film in the fall of 2024.

The first film with a female lead

There are several reasons to look forward to the film about Esther. Not only is it our first film with a female lead, but it is also a very special story about God’s guidance in a person’s life. God had plans for the people of Israel, and Esther was part of the plan. Because she was faithful and courageous, God could use her.

The film is also peppered with narrative touches and a good cast that ranges from talented actors to several different animals that appear.

“We have horses, dogs and birds represented,” Annette says with a smile.

Living stories: New episodes on the way

For anyone who has downloaded the Bible Kids app, “Living Stories” is a popular series with beautiful illustrations and great Bible stories. This series is suitable for children aged 6-11, and tells the stories in a very biblical and convincing way. Several new episodes will be added to this series in 2024. These will be published both in the app and here on

Sarah & Simon: The little ones’ favorite show

Simon and Sara is a delightful animated series that tells the best-known Bible stories from a toddler’s perspective. There is plenty of play, laughter and wonder when siblings Simon and Sara experience the miracles of Jesus or when Grandpa talks about the heroes of faith in the Old Testament. Many children and parents will be delighted that new episodes will be added to this series in 2024.