Who is Bible Kids?


Bible Kids is an initiative of BCC Media, a non-profit foundation, which produces Christian and positive content for children and young people. BCC Media wants children all over the world to enjoy our productions, and that they can get a message that can help them in their lives, wherever they are. We place particular emphasis on the message reflecting what we read in the Bible, so that it will be safe for parents and other organizations to use our material.

We have made a big boost in recent years, and invested more than ever in productions for children and young people. In order to make the Bible’s message accessible to new generations of Christians, we have produced over 60 animated films.

The Bible as a living narrative

Our biggest production is Explorers Time travels, which is published twice a year. Here, Sunday schools can create a particularly memorable experience for the children. For Explorers, we produce feature films, living narrations of wonderful Bible stories. Here, the children are not just spectators, they get to take part in the story themselves. When the children themselves can identify with the people in the Bible, the message also becomes far more alive and relevant for them.

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About the team

The team that works with Bible Kids consists of a creative and young environment, with a wide range of specialist knowledge and experience. The team has worked with productions for children for 10 years, and we combine experience from the film industry with new technology and creativity from the games industry. We are passionate about our work, and have committed ourselves that all gifts we receive must be used in the best possible way for the children. We regard the fact that we can give children growing up today something they can take with them for the rest of their lives as a great privilege. It is a task we do with humility and joy.

This is BCC Media

BCC Media is a foundation in the BCC association, which is an international free church. BCC is a member of Norway’s Christian Council, and adheres to the Apostolic and Nicene Creeds. The Bible is the only authoritative scripture.

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