The Bible story about Esther will soon be ready for screening

A poignant story about a Jewish girl who would have a profound impact on her people is beautifully recreated. The new feature film from Bible Kids conveys the message of faith in God as an inner strength.

23 aprilie 2024
Tekst: Tove R. Nilsen / Foto: BCC Media

The story of Queen Esther from the Bible is a very special story about faith, courage and seeking help from the Lord. The production of the film has been ongoing since 2022, and the producer is excited to present part 1 of the story for screening in May 2024:

„The story of Esther is a fantastic story in so many ways, it has an incredible dramaturgy and is an important part of the story of God’s people, a story we as Christians should know. But it’s also a story we can learn a lot from for our own faith life,” says producer Elise Schøll.

Faith in God becomes an inner strength

Elise explains that the film focuses on how faith in God and His promises becomes an inner strength that carries us through all things.

„With faith in God, we can also stand up when necessary and fight for what we believe in and for what is good,” says the producer.

During the process, the production team has had test screenings for children, so they know that the film captivates and makes an impression on them. But the producer believes that the story will also appeal to adults.

„This is a fantastic opportunity for parents and other adults who have a relationship with children to experience something together that makes it natural to have a good conversation about meaningful topics. It’s real quality time together,” Elise says.

A unique visual style

The producer has brought together a fantastic team of staff and volunteers who have worked hard to achieve the best possible result. The production uses both modern technology and traditional methods.

See an example of how 3D and miniature props are used here:

New song from Shillong Chamber Choir

The film also launches a brand new song produced by the Shillong Chamber Choir, a multi-genre choir based in India.

„We are thrilled and grateful that they wanted to join us in this collaboration. We know they have a personal connection to the message, and it shows in the performance,” says Elise.

The song is based on Psalm 121, which Mordecai also quotes in the film.

„This is a wonderful psalm that provides enormous comfort, help and strength when facing the storms of life,” says the producer.

Watch an excerpt of the song produced by Shillong Chamber Choir here:

Part two of the story ready for the fall

The team is excited to present part 1 of the story of Esther, but is also continuing to work on part 2, which will be ready in the fall.

„It’s important for us that now that we’re telling this story, we have to do it properly. We must include all the characters and the events that unfolded. That’s why we’ve divided the story into two parts instead of compressing it,” says Elise.

The first part is more about Esther’s inner struggle. She had to leave everything that was safe, her environment and her people, and go into an unknown world with an uncertain future. But she didn’t go alone;, she had God by her side, and her faith and trust in Him kept her safe. Everyone could sense that there was something special about Esther;, she had strength and grace about her. Part two is about the struggle that arose after she became queen. With an external enemy that threatened the entire existence of the Jewish people. In faith, Esther gained the strength to stand up for her people. And God was involved and controlled it all in a wondrous way.

Part one of the film is included in the interactive time travel concept and will be available from May 3, 2024.

Part two of the film is planned to be ready for screening in autumn 2024.

Stay tuned for updates and see a small taste of the film here: