12+ years


The bigger children:

A personal faith

The transition from childhood to adolescence can be challenging. There is a lot going on both in and around these young people, so there is a need for a safe and inclusive environment with good experiences. Many are moving towards a personal faith and some are already making choices at this time. It is therefore important that they hear the gospel and believe that Jesus was a human being like us, and that He can both understand and help us in all situations in life.

  • This group is often a little smaller in size, which allows for more individuality and for the program to be tailored to the group as much as possible.
  • Every tween should feel seen and accepted as they are. They should feel connected to other tweens and mentors who are genuinely interested in how they are doing.
  • It may not be as natural for tweens to sing out loud in a group as it is for younger children. An alternative could be to listen to or read songs together and talk about the content and possibly the authors and the story behind them.
  • The sessions and especially the activities should be tailored as much as possible to the interests of the tweens in the group.

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