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Let the children be swept up in enthralling animated films that bring to life the most cherished stories from the Bible. Discover over 50 captivating videos and be the first to experience our upcoming feature films.

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Questions & Answers

Bible Kids specializes in high quality media productions for children. For Sunday schools, our main product is Bible Kids Explorers. This is an interactive learning concept with feature films of Bible stories as the main ingredient. Bible Kids is thus also unique because we produce Bible-based feature films for children. These are films that the whole family can gather around and that allow children to experience that these stories really happened. In addition to feature films and the Explorers concept, Bible Kids offers dozens of animated films with Bible stories. We have our own app for these videos, so the children can watch them over and over again, on a safe platform without unwanted distractions.

Anyone can download the Bible Kids app for free. This is a gift from us to all children and parents around the world. Jesus has asked us to let the children come to Him, which is why we are so happy to share this app.

The Bible Kids app and website are completely free, providing access to our enriching films and products at no cost. We are delighted to offer families and Sunday Schools an epic time travel media experience through Bible Kids Explorers. This initiative is designed to be the faith event of the year for children globally. All of our films are readily available for free on both our website and app, ensuring that everyone has easy access to enjoy our engaging and enriching content.

In the app we have around 70 animated films from the Bible. The app is particularly suitable for children to navigate and explore the Bible stories themselves. Our films are also available here, especially for parents or Sunday schools who want to show children a specific film.

Bible Kids offers dozens of animated Bible story videos that can be used in your Sunday school. But Bible Kids also specializes in creating customized highlights for Sunday schools. Every year, an interactive journey through time is launched, where the Sunday school can travel back to the Bible stories and experience them with their own eyes. Along the way, the children solve challenges and tasks that are great fun but also make them reflect on and get excited about the content of the Bible. Hundreds of Sunday schools have already tested the concept, and their feedback is overwhelmingly positive. It made a great impression on the children, and above all, it increased the commitment to Sunday school among both children and mentors. Eager and more engaged children returned to Sunday school. The concept gives the mentors a unique opportunity to build a stronger relationship with the children, and the children feel that they are seen, appreciated and have an unforgettable memory strengthening their faith.


Many Sunday school teachers find it challenging to design Sunday school programs that really engage and excite the children. Perhaps this is also why many Sunday schools struggle to get enough volunteers for their work? We have tested Bible Kids Explorers on thousands of children and hundreds of Sunday school groups. The results show that the concept excites the children and becomes such a positive experience for them that it has a lasting effect on their relationship with Sunday school. They became more engaged and simply loved Sunday school. One thing is that the message of the concept makes an impression on the children, but this also becomes a team-building experience that they get together with their friends and mentors at Sunday school. This is a fantastic way to revitalize your Sunday school. The children need and deserve a Sunday school that gives them Jesus as their best friend – for life. And we will continue to work for that.


At this page you will find an explanation and everything you need to carry out a journey through time. You will need a computer, a screen and speakers for viewing the films. As a mentor, you should prepare in advance so that you are familiar with the details before the children arrive. During time travel, there are normally four tasks or challenges for the children to solve along the way, between the movie clips. Two of these tasks are done directly on the computer. Two tasks are physical and prepared by the mentor in advance. Everything you need for these tasks is well described in the mentor guide to the time travel. The concept is thoroughly prepared and facilitated for you; all you have to do is familiarize yourself with it.


Bible Kids is an initiative of BCC Media, a non-profit foundation, which produces Christian and positive content for children and young people. BCC Media is a foundation in the BCC Federation, which is an international free church. BCC is a member of the Christian Council of Norway and adheres to the Apostolic and Nicene Creeds. The Bible is the only authoritative scripture. The team that works with Bible Kids consists of a creative and young environment, with a wide range of specialist knowledge and experience. The team has worked with productions for children for 10 years, and we combine experience from the film industry with new technology and creativity from the games industry. We are passionate about our work and have committed ourselves that all donations we receive must be used in the best possible way for the children. We regard the fact that we can give children growing up today something they can take with them for the rest of their lives as a great privilege. It is a task we do with humility and joy.


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