Journey to the beginning – part 2

Here we hear about what happened when Mary and Joseph arrived in Bethlehem. There were already so many people in the city, that they could not find a place to sleep. Eventually they got a place to sleep in a stable. And here in this stable, the savior of the world was born.


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Journey to the Beginning - part 2

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Second part of the journey

The three wise men also arrive in Israel, and they think the most natural place to look for a king must be with King Herod. But the evil king had heard nothing that a king’s son was going to be born. Nor was it something he was so happy to hear about, because Herod was a king who would do anything to keep his power. He makes an evil plan just in case the wise men are right, and a king’s son has actually been born. Then he sends the wise men to Bethlehem because perhaps such a boy really is going to be born there. He tells the wise men to come back to him to tell him what they find.

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Jostein gets a visit from a family from Horten. They talk about being able to rejoice with those that are happy. In such situations, envy may arise, but instead of giving in to it, we can resist it and get help from Jesus to get victory. Those who do this can rejoice with those who are happy. We get a greeting from Gary Fenn in Connecticut, and there’ll be a Christmas song and an exciting guessing contest about how long it really takes to wrap up Christmas presents.

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