„Can we continue the time travel tomorrow?”

This is said by one of the children who this week has been invited to test Bible Kids Explorers together with Annette Tobler at the Christian Spring Festival in Germany.

4 aprilie 2024
Tekst: Tove R. Nilsen / Foto: DCG Deutschland

„It’s very exciting to see that the concept engages the children,” says Annette, leader of Bible Kids.

The week after Easter, she made her way to Willingen in Germany for the annual Spring Festival, along with several representatives from DCG Deutschland. Spring is a Christian ecumenical festival with workshops and seminars. Participants are invited here to present their concepts.

„It was a great opportunity for us to showcase our time travel concept and receive valuable feedback about it,” says Tobler, who also gathers plenty of inspiration from the fair.

“It’s made an impression to see so many people eager to pass on the Christian message to children,” she says. Throughout the week, Annette has guided several groups of children through the interactive Bible exploration concept and collected beneficial feedback from them.

„Oops, I only have half a minute left in the labyrinth. This is so much fun!” a quote from one of the children who completed the activity.

A Unifying Concept

Annette has, for the most part. tested the concept with children from BCC, but at Spring, there are children from many different churches represented. Annette gathered these children into groups of 6-8 and 9-11 years old. Everyone got to experience the entire time travel with Josiah, including watching the films and completing the tasks.

„It’s great to see that the concept works well as a way to bring together children who initially don’t know each other. By watching the films and solving tasks together, the children get to know each other and have experienced something as a team.”

After completing the journey, the children were given their own Bible box with Bible cards related to the story of Josiah

„Look mom, this is Glitch. And this is my own Bible box.”

Educational Approach

Bible Kids Explorers is structured pedagogically with a problem presented at the beginning, followed by the telling of a Bible story with various challenges for the children to solve in order to progress, and finally, it concludes with a quiz summarizing what the children have learned. The entire concept is consciously designed to be carried out in a group with a certain number of children collaborating and some adults guiding them through the program. Annette herself has a background in education and several years of experience teaching in schools.

„It’s especially exciting to see the children experience a sense of achievement, that they can answer the questions at the end,” says Annette.

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