Meet volunteers from Germany

In order for Bible Kids products to be used around the world, volunteers spend many hours translating and dubbing. These dedicated people make it possible for children to watch films about Bible stories in their own language both at home and at Sunday school.

26 January 2024
Text: Tove R. Nilsen / Photos: DCG Deutschland

“I’m excited to be able to help spread the biblical stories in this way,” says Gabriel Grimes, one of the dubbing volunteers. He believes that children will benefit greatly from being able to watch the films from the Bible stories in their own language both at home and at Sunday school.

Dubbed into 15 languages

Bible Kids films are produced with English as the original language. In Germany, all roles are dubbed with German voices.
“I think it’s fun to hear my own voice in the film,” says one of the youngest dubbers.

The voluntary work means that the content is easy to use, even for children who have not yet learned to read. Volunteers in many countries also work with other languages. The feature films are dubbed into a total of 15 languages.

Interactive concepts that resonate

Resources and ready-made concepts from Bible Kids are available in addition to the films, and several Sunday schools in Germany have already been using them for some time. The German churches that have started using these digital Bible products have found that this has improved faith education for the children.

“We’ve had some really good experiences with the interactive concept,” says Tabea Hahne-Fächner.

She says that the children immerse themselves into the stories of the heroes of faith with all their senses.

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“I always look forward to Bible Kids Explorers. The stories are so exciting and the puzzles are fun to solve with my friends,” says Fredrik from Exter.

Tabea has been involved in Sunday school for a long time and is so happy that these digital tools make it easier for children to discover the treasures of the Bible.

“It’s important for me personally that the children, just as they are, get to know Jesus as their best friend,” she says.

Watch the movie about the German enthusiasts (subtitled in English, German, French, Dutch, Portuguese and Norwegian).