She gave what she had

Have you ever doubted whether what you have to give others is enough, good enough or nice enough? In the New Testament, we read about a widow who put two small coins, worth just a few cents, in the temple chest. There were probably others there who put in more than her, but Jesus said; “I tell you, this poor widow has given more than any of the others who put money in the temple chest. Because all the others gave of their abundance – what they have left over – but she gave from her poverty. Everything she owned, everything she had to live on. ”


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The poor widow: She gave what she had

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Learn from the widow

In this week’s episode of “God´s children” we meet a girl who finds herself in a situation where she feels that what she has to give is not good enough. In this episode we travel back to Jesus’ time and get to see how the poor widow who gave from her poverty was content with what she had given. This event can also be a help and inspiration for us today.

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This week’s episode is produced in a studio in Germany and the children can look forward to watching and listening to great new songs, a new episode of “God´s children”, encouraging words from Michi Matulke and also an important question that the children in Germany are wondering about.

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